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“Pantsing” Your Novel: Writing Without a Road Map
In the writing world, there are Plotters and there are Pantsers. Plotters create outlines, knowing where their novel ends before they type the first words of their drafts. Pantsers write “by the seat of their pants,” diving in knowing only the broad strokes of their stories. In this class, we’ll explore ways to delve into your novel without a master plan. Through exercises and research you’ll develop the tools to keep your novel moving forward, even if you are unsure where it’s going.

“Say What?” Writing Dialogue that Speaks to the Reader
Dialogue serves many purposes in fiction: It reveals conflict and creates tension. It advances the storyline. It develops characters and must accurately represent the novel’s time and place. We’ll examine both the mechanics of dialogue—tags, dialect, speech patterns—as well how it serves your story. Both in-class and out-of-class writing exercises will help you develop your ear for how people speak.

Writing and Revising the Historical Novel, an eight-week feedback class for those mid-writing an historical novel. 

Wake Up and Write!, a four-week early morning generative writing class

Writing the Historical Novel, beginner’s class on crafting an historical novel.

Creative Writing Write-Ins, weekly drop-in generative writing sessions.

I Remember When… Writing Your Life Story, the craft of writing personal essays for both publication and to preserve family history.

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