Read Harder, Read Differently

Like many, I find myself falling into book ruts. I'm not talking about while I'm researching a novel—that's unavoidable—but in my pleasure reading. On the Debutante Ball, we listed our favorite books of 2015. Not surprisingly, my list had seven historical novels, one...

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Thursday’s Things: Miami Beach

My friend and writing group partner, Sarah, has begun a sort-of daily gratitude journal and my fellow Debutante writer, Louise is posting on Instagram a daily gratitude as part of the 365 Grateful project. The idea is we'd all be happier if we took the time to notice...

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The Relics of the Past for a Hipster Tween

On Thursday, the boy came running in from school. "MOM!" he shouted from the front door. "We saw the coolest thing today. This kid in my class brought in [thing] and it was so amazing. Do we have one?" I was hurrying to get ready for a meeting, and I said, "Yes, we...

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Kuchen Kuchen Koo: More Baking Like Bubbe

Because the last baking attempt was such a success (meaning the raccoons that got into the garbage seemed to enjoy the kindlech as no one else in the family did), I decided to try again, this time attempting kuchen, or coffee cake, still using the 1941 Jewish Cook...

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Swedish Meatballs and Me

While most of the U.S. population thinks "Swedish," and they imagine Muppets, meatballs, and Ikea, I hope they will now think "literature." Because I'm thrilled that I had an essay translated into Swedish—my first translation! I was approached by an editor who asked...

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Squirrels, Revision Dances, and Relief

The other morning, I came back from an early morning run, tired and needing to do more writing. Yet as I walked up to the house, I noticed a squirrel moving oddly. I watched the squirrel as it slowly and carefully made its way to our front yard. Where it promptly...

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Revisions, Research, and Why I Have a Tummy Ache

Those who know me, know that my big complaint from when my kids went to camp last summer was that I didn't have a project to work on and I didn't get to have Oreos for dinner. My novel was on submission and I was too antsy to really be working on something new. And...

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