As of tomorrow, MODERN GIRLS has been out in the world for two weeks now, and I still don’t know how to react to the compliments. This is what I say to people who gush over me and the book: “Aw, thank you! I really appreciate that. I’m so glad you read and enjoyed the book.” And I do mean it.

But this is what I feel like:

It’s not you; it’s me.

Beginning the day before my pub date, my e-mail and social media lit up with folks sending me the “shipped” notices for the book.

Then on Tuesday, as books began to arrive in people’s homes and placed on display in stores, folks began to send me pictures. How much do I love each and every photo!

Modern Girls in Grand Central

My friend Todd took this shot in Grand Central Station on his commute home.

Folks brought me flowers, sent me brownies. My husband read in an interview I gave where I said I thought writers should splurge on the good bourbon, so he brought me home a bottle of good bourbon. Plus champagne for toasting.

My daughter came home from school on pub day Tuesday and gushed, “Mommy, all my friends said, ‘Wow! Your mom is a published writer!”

“How did they know I was a published writer?” I asked.

Taking off her backpack and grabbing a snack, she said, “Because when I got to school, I said, ‘Hey everyone! My mom’s a published writer!”

I spent all of Tuesday basking in the glow of the well wishes of all my friends. It was the perfect day… until Amazon ran out of stock. I stressed for a freakin’ week until the books came back to Amazon (and no it doesn’t mean my print run sold out; it just means that Amazon didn’t order enough books).

Wednesday was my launch day, a reading and book signing at Porter Square Books and then drinks afterwards across the street.


Two weeks have passed. I’m still on cloud nine, though I’ve come down enough to start trying to tackle the other work in my life, namely all the end-of-school-year stuff at my daughter’s elementary school, prep for Passover, and (try to) get farther into the next novel.

In the meantime, keep the photos coming! I love them. And if you have a free minute, an Amazon review is super helpful. Other stores/sites too, but Amazon reviews have a magic power that I have yet to fully comprehend.


And by all means, please continue to say nice things. Just because I won’t believe any of it, doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear it.