This is indeed a Thursday Thing, but given that we’re all grown-ups (kids, get off the freakin’ Internet!) and today is a Thursday, let’s just all take this for granted, shall we?

We had two snow days. And it was just fine. The first snow day, Friday, I was headed to New York and husband had to go to work, so I told the kids, “Go ahead, rot your brains out on TV and Xbox,” and everyone survived the day. The second snow day, Monday, was a false snow day. Meaning it was called, but really shouldn’t have been. But my girl and I put it to good use, delivering Girl Scout cookies to my good friend and fellow Debutante Ball author, Louise Miller. Louise is a pastry chef in a very fancy shmancy private club downtown (and I had a good laugh that a kitchen full of chefs wanted Girl Scout cookies), and my girl and her friend got a kick going to visit it.

Snow day view

The view from Louise’s workplace. The morning was just a dusting of snow. The afternoon, a bit more, but not enough for a snow day.

Dancing in the ballroom

According to Louise, the girl and her friend are the only guests she’s had who have actually danced in the ballroom.


Even when you deliver cookies, a pastry chef gives you treats. These chocolate shortbread cookies were amazing.

Walk-in fridge

On a snow day, the coolest place to visit? Why, the walk-in fridge of course.

Subway ride home

The snow day became more obvious on our deserted subway ride home.

It felt like an adventure on a dreary day, and the girl was so impressed, the second she walked out of the fancy-shmancy private club, she asked, “So could I have my bat mitzvah there?”

“No,” I told her. “Completely out of the question.”

“Okay,” she said, taking it in stride. “But maybe my wedding.”