Without obsession, life is nothing. –John Waters

To write, I use the program Scrivener, about which I have become downright evangelical. It has all sorts of lovely features (chapter synopses on a corkboard, ability to keep research right there, easy to slide chapters around…). But I recently discovered a new feature: I can see what words I overuse. There’s a word frequency statistic so I can make sure my character doesn’t “startle” too much or that no one is “suspicious” more than once or twice.

Because I overuse words. All the time. Like “obsess.” As my daughter recently pointed out.

A LinkedIn e-mail came from a friend.

Me: Oh my God, you’ll never guess where E. is working!

Girl: Where?

Me: It’s something I’m obsessed with!

Girl: What is it?

Me: What am I obsessed with?

Girl: Is she working for a writing company?

Me: [Pleased with that response] Great guess! I am obsessed with my writing. But no, that’s not it. What do I always say I’m obsessed with?

Girl: She works for gummy bears?

Me: No, not gummy bears.

Girl: Peeps?

Me: No, not peeps! Seriously, what am I completely obsessed about?

Girl: Um… Oh, I know! She’s working at Ancestry.com.

Me: Yeah, I guess I am sort of obsessed with that. But that’s not it. What else?

Girl: Does she work for a bourbon company?

Me: [feeling kind of relieved that “bourbon” was her fifth guess and not her first] No! The place she works for is practically a blood sport in this family. It’s what I obsess over. Come on!

Girl: Huh. Can you just tell me?

Me: Really?

Girl: Oh, I know! Fitbit! She works for Fitbit!

And indeed she does. And perhaps I need to be a tad more judicious in my use of the word “obsess.” Which will give me something new to—wait for it—obsess about.

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