I’ve been MIA because I’m working on final (for now) novel revisions with hopes of having the manuscript to my agent by the end of April/beginning of May. Add in a two-week trip to Israel with the kids and my in-laws, and I’m now up to my ears in neglected work. Oh, and my husband makes me ill. Literally (and you know I don’t use “literally” lightly). He gave me his cold, and bucking all stereotypes, I’m the one for whom the world ends when I’m sick. Adam soldiers on, and I just want to collapse, moaning on the sofa, while the world caters to my every need. Needless to say, this doesn’t happen. So I whine. A lot.

While I’m sick, I tend to Web surf, and one of the things I found was an interesting Kickstarter campaign for an anthology of Jewish comics. Truthfully, I think this is of more interest to my 10-year-old son than me, but I made a donation in hopes that it’ll be published for him. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to be funded but if you have an interest, you should hop over and make a pledge for it now.

My sister, the Tweedle Twirp, sent me a link to another project of interest to me: a documentary about the Streit’s Matzo factory on the Lower East Side. As Tweeds wrote, I thought you’d like this because “it involves things like the L[ower] E[east] S[ide] and Jews.” My sister knows me well. When Pie and I were in New York in August, I embarrassed her by spying into the factory, watching the workers make the matzah, and even worse–gasp!–taking a picture.
She finally let me lift her up so she could peer in, but she quickly made me put her down, and she ran off for our breakfast at Clinton Street Baking Co. This movie is also trying to raise funds, so if this is up your alley, head over and support them.

And now I go back to my own Lower East Side (circa 1935) in the form of my novel. I’ve gotten feedback from five readers so far and I have my writing group meeting on Wednesday for the rest of the feedback. I’m happy that at this point the changes are substantial, but I do think they will definitely improve the book, so I’m already toying with edits. Let’s just hope the agent agrees!