Remember when I wrote that I was going to miss my characters, Dottie and Rose? That I wasn’t ready to leave their world?

Well, it turns out I really wasn’t ready. Because after much back and forth with my wonderful agent, I’ve decided to completely re-write my novel. Completely. Re-write. It. From the beginning. All the way to the end.

Part of me is “ACK!” back to the starting line. But a bigger part of me is relieved. I don’t have to leave that world yet. And perhaps the fact that I didn’t want to leave that world should have been a signal to me that the novel is not quite there yet. So I’m back to living in 1935 on the Lower East Side.

And while I’m there, I saw this classified in the paper. (Okay, it’s from 1933, but close enough. My grandfather had been amused by this and cut it from the newspaper when he saw it. I found it in his belongings and copied it.)


I passed it off to my Ivy League husband. If things don’t work out where he is, he can always fall back on this.

And if you’re looking for me, I’ll be in 1935.